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Tan Spray Tan: Get Tanned The Right And Convenient Way!

spray tan before and after

spray tan before and after

How to choose the best and appropriate tan spray tan? In this competitive world, most of us want to look competitive too. In American culture, it has been a fad that when you are tanned that means that you are physically active. While some prefer to maintain their fair skin, a bigger majority finds it preferable to tan their skins using tan spray tan and other tanning methods to exude this image.


For most, it denotes being engaged into athletic activities, such as swimming, walking, cycling and running. But the sad fact is that even though we love to look tanned, we just do not have the time to get it the natural way! Plus there is that risk of contracting skin cancer by being exposed to the sun for a long time.


This need, and the risk of getting skin cancer and other skin diseases through sun exposure have paved the need to improvise getting tanned without fearing of getting skin diseases brought about by sun exposure, and without the inconvenience of purposely going to the beach just to get a tan.


And this need does not go unnoticed by the beauty cosmetics manufacturers, and as such they have found a way to innovate getting tanned in a non-natural way, which for most, especially the members of the working population, find very, very convenient – using tan spray tan.


Time constraint plus the fact that there have been a lot of reported cases and medical studies that have linked sun exposure to the dreaded skin cancer, are the popular reasons why most people opt tan using artificial methods such as tan spray tan.


These artificial tanning and self tan methods come in many forms. Here you can see some general advice and tips:


Some can be done through self-application while some require professional assistance. Older forms of artificial sunless tanning are through applications of bronzers, tanning lotions, and tan spray tan. Nowadays, one of the most popular and fairly new artificial tanning technology is airbrush sunless tanning.


Most of the common spray tanning products in the market that emulate the effects of the natural sun tanning contain erythulose with Dihydrxyacetone or DHA. The combination of these two substances produces an artificial tan that lasts about ten days at maximum, depending on your day-to-day activities.


The two mentioned chemicals are present in spray on tans except the natural tan spray tan solutions. Artificial tan spray tan is now widely proliferating in the market in the forms of different brands. The application of tan spray tan like airbrush, or airbrush sunless tanning, should, however, be administered by a professional or done by yourself using professional airbrush spray tan machine for home use.


These so-called professional spray tanning applications can be availed by going to beauty spas or gyms or using spray tanning booths. Ever seen the very famous TV series, Friends? There was this one episode where, one of the leading star, David Schwimmer, who portrayed the role of Dr. Ross Geller, PhD who went for an airbrush sunless tanning in a salon recommended to him. Airbrush sunless tanning in the scene happened in a room like your common shower rooms and you get to choose the frequency of the tan spray tan in the different parts of your body. There were different airbrush spray tans for the different parts of the body such as the face, arms, torso and for the legs. But this method is only one of the options of how to do avail of tan spray tan. This is done without any assistance by a professional.


However, in some cases, a professional technician assists the application of airbrush tan spray tan. This is administered by the use of equipments and spray tanning supplies such as, yes you guessed right, an airbrush! Other tan spray tan pieces of equipment that use the airbrush technology includes Laser spray guns like LVLP and HVLP.


Using spray tan gun in tan spray tan with the assistance of a specialist for tanning proves to be safer because it ensures that the tanning solution does not go to your eyes, ears, and mouth. It helps to ensure that you do not ingest the product. It also helps to ensure that the tanning is even.


Tan spray tan in a can, is another tanning method, on the other hand, and has been another breakthrough in sunless tanning. The previous favorite tanning lotions has also been a popular choice but was marred by the fact that it has a tendency to leave uneven colors mostly in orange hue.


Spray tan in a can also reduces the hassle of having to go to tanning salons to tap the assistance of a professional and could still leave desirable results with even coloring. It also avoids the tendency of having orange-colored tones, which is very common in using sunless lotions.


How can you go and avail airbrush sunless tanning?


Depending on your preference, there are options out there in the market that can suit you best. There is a cosmetic tan spray tan that alleviates the need to apply sticky lotions just to get that desirable tan. tan spray tan application resulting beautiful bronze tanYou can do at home spray tan inside the comfort of your own room at your most convenient time.


If you prefer to seek the help of a professional on the other hand, you should do your duty of conducting background check on your chosen salon first. It is always best to check with your friends, relatives or colleagues who have gone to that salon before and check if its reputation is good, and if their service of tan spray tan is reliable.


It is also best to take a good bath prior to using spray tans at home machines and use exfoliating body scrubs to remove the surfacing dead skin cells, in order to make the absorption of the spray tan product more effective. Women tend to moisturize after a nice exfoliating bath, but if you want to get the optimum results out of airbrush sunless tanning, you can skip applying the moisturizer because it may clog up the pores making it for the in home spray tan solution difficult to penetrate your skin.


Though it may sound funny, but it is also advisable if you should shave or wax prior to going to sunless tanning as the solution might also color the hair, which might look unsightly.


If you do not prefer to have tan lines to emulate having a tan from going to the beach, you can opt to wear a dark bathing suit, which has gone out of fashion and you do not use often anymore and use self tanning towelettes. There is a possibility that the tan spray tan solution might discolor your clothes. You would not want to feel torn between having a good tan and having a damaged precious bathing suit after your tanning session would you?


Keep in mind that you should avoid at all costs the tendency of getting the airbrush tan spray tan into your eyes and your lips. Wear eye protections such as goggles, to avoid the solution from getting into your eyes. Also, you can wear a water-proof lipstick or lip balm to protect your lips from getting colored unintentionally.


As mentioned, tan spray tan does not stay on for too long. Sunless spray tanning gets washed out through showering, and scrubbing. Thus, in order to prolong the effects, do not exfoliate while bathing, and try to shorten the time of your showers. Make the showers brief and refreshing and try to resist the temptation of using your loofahs.


While you want to look athletic and sporty (which is the reason why we want to get tanned, in the first place) you do not necessarily have to engage in strenuous activities after airbrush sunless tanning. This is because excessive body sweat can make the color fade away faster.


Even though airbrush sunless tan has its fair share of risks (previous products), it is now considered as one of the most reliable non-natural tan spray tan choice, and has been approved by FDA provided that it is correctly administered.


As mentioned, like any other artificial methods versus natural methods, artificial sunless tanning also has raised concerns regarding the safety of tan spray tan particularly, airbrush sunless tanning through the use of airbrush spray tans.


Although a lot have found airbrush sunless tanning convenient, comfortable and easy compared to natural sun tanning, it is best to take caution by using only professional quality products for spray tan at home as they are tested and risk-free.


Some of the risks of using airbrush tanning especially when you apply in the face is the possibility of getting the chemicals into the area surrounding your eyes, which is the reason that the FDA has not approved its use on the parts of the body that are covered by mucous membranes.


While some has not had encountered any issues using the airbrush tan technology, it will do best if one take precautions while using it. Make it a point to avoid inhaling in order to avoid breathing in the fumes emitted by this tan spray tan product.


Professional tanners also suggest taking a sample of your skin’s reaction prior to lavishly putting on the tan spray tan product on the rest of the skin. You should always check your allergic reactions to any products as a protocol. Apply a small amount to a discreet part of your body such as your wrist, before applying the fake tan all over your body.


Generally though, artificial tan spray tan or airbrush sunless tanning does not really invite any kind of reactions in the body. In essence, it is similar to body painting, and your risk of contracting skin cancer is dramatically ceased because it does not require any exposure to sun’s harmful rays.


Whatever methods you prefer, or however you want to do it, always consider the best tone that you prefer, and which suits you and not your friend. And remember some of the tan spray tan tips mentioned above, and you will do just fine.

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